Do you have legal problems as a result of this crime — such as a need for a divorce or child support, getting your credit fixed, a housing eviction or problems getting disability or other public benefits?

If you live or have a legal problem in Massachusetts, we can help.

Contact the CLAVC legal aid program that serves your town to apply for free legal help today.

Dottie survived abuse and her husband is in jail; now she and her children are being evicted

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Darrell had his wallet and credit card stolen; now he has bill collectors calling day and night

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Janine is a victim of bullying and is acting out at school; now she’s at risk of being expelled

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Need help with other services?

The Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance can help with other services such as social and emotional support, housing advocacy, financial assistance, education and employment assistance. Visit the Ask MOVA website or call 844-878-MOVA (6682) M-F, 9am-5pm.